Flatten the curve : Corona safety measures

Corona Virus : Covid-19

Prepare carefully, but don’t panic

Here are the answers to the most common queries about the  Coronavirus based on the CDC, WHO & MoHFW guidelines.

As healers, we play an essential role in our communities and we realise that most of our clients have urgent health needs. Being in the line of health and wellness, I fully support and agree with the requirement to limit the spread of the corona virus, however I am not going to operate on the basis that feeds the fear. We are here to help and educate and as a health care practitioner and I will do my best to assist through this process.

My background in intensive care nursing, and hospital managements provides me with a high degree of knowledge and experience in dealing with conditions and environments of illness and transmission of pathogens (germs).  Currently, the best way to decrease chances of contracting the virus, is excellent hygiene, boosting the immune system and to keep a check on your levels of fear / intentions set. See attached brochures for factual information on the virus, ways to prevent infection, and what symptoms to look out for.

Thank you so much for your understanding and please join us by doing your best to stay healthy and to carry on operating responsibly, healthily and productively in these unique circumstances.

 With Love & Light
Debbie Caknis

Holistic Healing will help flatten the curve

Operating at a higher frequency, meditating, receiving healing are all ways to boost the immune system and to operate from a space of holistic health focussing on healing and maintaining non-essential contact whilst doing so.

Thus I will be continuing my one-on-one consultations, to assist my patients with maintaining a good healthy stance. I will also be available for Whatsapp appointments for counselling and distance healing.

Physical courses will still continue for those who are still interested in holistic health and animal communication, however, I’m putting in place a number of measures to safeguard ourselves, my course attendees, the services I provide and to the wider community.  For those interested in my Animal Communication courses, the Foundation and Intermediate course is also available online.

Protocols for Therapy Consults :


  • With the implementation of the latest travel restrictions, I will refrain from meeting with any patient/person that has entered or re-entered the country for a period of 14 days from entry.
  • If anybody has had direct contact with an infected person in the last 14 days, or if anyone who has any type of immune deficiency or  fever/cough/difficulty breathing  or cold/sneezing/snotty nose etc., they can move their consult dates to a future date (terms and conditions apply).
  • Remote healing is both effective and available for any of those falling in the above category.
  • On entry and exit, patients/clients will be provided with hand sanitizer.
  • I will ensure as your consultant to sanitize my hands prior to and during your consult. 
  • I will endeavour to keep 1 metre space between myself and yourself whenever possible, and in so doing, energetically focus on working from the waist down to avoid contact to and near the respiratory tract.
  • All clients/patients to please bring along your own drinking water while we maintain stringent protocols.




Protocols for Courses :


  • With the implementation of the latest travel restrictions, I will refrain from meeting with any patient/person/student that has entered or re-entered the country for a period of 14 days from entry.
  • Anybody that has had direct contact with an infected person in the last 14 days, or anyone who has any type of immune deficiency or fever/cough/difficulty breathing or cold/sneezing/snotty nose etc., may move their course date to a future date (terms and conditions apply).
  • Courses will be given in Debbie’s private home and will be sanitized before the course, or classes will be presented outside when possible.
  • Courses will be limited to 3 people per course.
  • Courses will have minimum of 14 days in between in order to avoid cross infection.
  • Antibacterial spray will be available to you for use as you enter and while on course. All handbags and personal items must be left at the door.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for all people on entry/exit to the premises, and during the process, to ensure health standards are maintained.  You are most welcome to bring along your own hand sanitizer.
  • We will avoid all personal contact and to remain at least 1 metre away from one another at all times. Practice of theory will be done without touching each other – in other words no physical contact, and social space between people will be given to limit close encounters as per instruction from the world organization (WHO).
  • All manuals/workbooks, crockery and food will not be touched for 48 hrs prior to the course.
  •  Notes to be printed in excess of 48 hours and won’t be touched thereafter.
  •  Where ever possible, manual workbooks will be provided to student prior to course to limit physical time spent together.
  • Students to please bring their own flask of beverage and water bottle, otherwise boiling water will be provided for beverages.
  • Food will not be shared – students to bring their own.

I will endeavour to provide an environment that is safe to study in however your attendance is at your own consent and understanding of the current epidemic.