Retreats : Dolphin Experiences

Programme Overview


Gift yourself a magical adventure with the wild dolphins of Mozambique, balance yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with animal communicator, Debbie Caknis.

A magical and life-changing retreat not to be missed where you will find beautiful weather, warm crystal-clear Indian Ocean waters and wild playful dolphins. Spend your days practising yoga, meditation, group or individual healing sessions, art sessions with a healing element, boat trips out to swim with the wild dolphins and an opportunity to learn to snorkel and/or scuba dive and much more.

Debbie has been swimming with wild dolphins for the past 22 years, and it is her passion to share this blissful experience with others, combined with her role as a renowned animal communicator, energy healer, teacher, and yoga instructor.

The vision is to provide a conscious interactive and joyful environment to experience the dolphins and like any wilderness excursion, we connect with the dolphins with respect and awareness. We do not touch, feed, chase or do anything that might disrupt their natural behaviour.
Only at the dolphins’ invitation do we interact with them.

Single accommodation is available and the accommodation is an easy 2 minute walk to the beach.

This 5 night retreat in Ponta Do Oura, Mozambique is a time to:

  • Interact with wild dolphins
  • Learn to snorkel
  • Attend informative talks on dolphins, their behaviour and therapeutic effects in humans
  • Experience daily yoga classes
  • Enjoy healing sessions
  • Be creative with Art therapy
  • Breathe, meditate, relax and take some time to connect and be free
  • Socialise on a Sunset tour

Day 1 : Travel to Mozambique

Day 2 – 5 : Enjoy the experience

Day 6 : Travel back home

Cost : R 21 000

Booking Fee : R 7 000
Balance : R 14 000 to be paid 3 weeks before retreat



  • Comfortable airconditioned Shuttle bus – return trip from and to Maputo Airport
  • Return transfer from and to border / Ponta Do Oura
  • Shared e-suite airconditioned accommodation (single supplement available)
  • Interactive dolphin boat trips
  • Delicious 3-course breakfasts and dinners daily

Excludes :

  • Flights / Transport to Maputo Airport (where the dolphin experience shuttle bus collects and drops off participants for the retreat)
  • Snorkel gear and wetsuits (these can be hired in Mozambique or bring your own)
  • Extra meals and drinks
  • Scuba gear (optional)

In order to confirm your booking: A Non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee, being an amount of 25% of the Dolphin Retreat amount to be paid on your booking for the Dolphin Retreat. “Dolphin Retreat” is defined throughout this document as a 5-night dolphin experience in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. Once your booking fee has been received, we will be able to confirm your space on the retreat.

The balance of R9 300 (for shared accommodation) to be paid by 45 days prior to the Dolphin Retreat. Bookings within the last 45 days must be paid in full at time of booking. If the balance of payment is not received by the given due date Deborah Caknis reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the full booking fee amount being R3100.

In the event of cancellation by the client, regardless of the circumstances, (exceptions being due to death, or illness resulting in hospitalisation) the following refund, minus the booking fee, apply. The booking fee is non-refundable, non-transferable as mentioned:

  • Cancellation 21 days or less before due arrival date, 0% refund
  • Cancellation 22 days to 6 weeks before due arrival date, 25% refund
  • Cancellation 7 to 8 weeks before due arrival date, 50% refund
  • Cancellation more than 8 weeks before due arrival date, 100% refund

Deborah Caknis reserves the right to cancel a Dolphin Retreat that is below the minimum of 5 participants. If this is to occur, Deborah Caknis will give a full refund including your booking fee. Deborah Caknis can’t be held liable or responsible for any additional expenses incurred in relation to the Dolphin Retreat such as air tickets, loss of work, passport and visa costs, nor any medical vaccination and preparations and/or other costs associated with preparing for your Dolphin Retreat.

Whilst Deborah Caknis has never needed to cancel a Dolphin Retreat in the past 10 years, if Deborah Caknis does cancel a booked Dolphin Retreat for any reason, you may transfer your full Dolphin Retreat payment to another Dolphin Retreat, or you may request a refund of your payment from her, constituting a full settlement.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has all the relevant travel documentation and arrives at the airport in time.

Deborah Caknis can accept no responsibility for delay or cancellation of any flights, train, buses or other forms of transport. Nor can she be held responsible for luggage that does not arrive or is lost / mislaid.

Visa & Policies: Your Visa and Insurance Policies i.e. travel cancellation and health insurance can be obtained only once Deborah Caknis has confirmed the Dolphin Retreat with you in writing by email.

Itinerary: An itinerary will be sent to all clients prior to departure. The itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances beyond Deborah Caknis’s control. Deborah Caknis reserves the right to change the journey leader in the event of her own inability to run the Dolphin Retreat. Should any change be made to the itinerary, Deborah Caknis will endeavour to ensure a comparable alternative is provided.

It must be understood that you are participating in an active Dolphin Retreat in Mozambique and at times may find it mentally and physically challenging. The onus is on you, the participant, to ensure that you are physically able to undertake the Dolphin Retreat. You are responsible for your own health and well-being during the program and understand the risks of travel in the developing world. Clients who have injuries or illnesses are advised to seek doctor’s advice and notify Deborah Caknis of such conditions prior to the Dolphin Retreat. Deborah Caknis reserves the right to accept or refuse participation. Deborah Caknis, contractors or any of the staff, cannot be held responsible for injuries or other medical or emotional problems that might occur. Clients must always inform Deborah Caknis if feeling ill or experiencing pain.

Deborah Caknis reserves the right to alter any facility, accommodation or activities.

In the event that the client is unhappy with their accommodation after monies have been paid, the client will not be entitled to any refund.

The client must comply fully with all and any health and safety regulations introduced by Deborah Caknis.

Deborah Caknis cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions or valuables of the clients.

In the event of a customer client having any complaint then he/she will not discuss this with any third party and shall notify Deborah Caknis as soon as possible.

Deborah Caknis shall not be liable for any failures beyond her control. This covers natural disasters, war, ‘acts of God’, closure of airports, civil strife, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors.

Deborah Caknis accepts no liability for injury or illnesses which may be received during the clients stay or travelling to and from a Dolphin Retreat.

There will not be any refund offer for clients arriving late or leaving early. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason.

Journey Itineraries: An itinerary will be sent to all clients prior to departure. The itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances beyond Deborah Caknis’s control. Deborah Caknis reserves the right to change the journey leader in the event of her own inability to run the Dolphin Retreat. Should any change be made to the itinerary, Deborah Caknis will endeavour to ensure a comparable alternative is provided.

Currency Exchange Rates & Bank Charges Travel: Due to the currency fluctuations, each Dolphin Retreat is priced in the same currency as it is costed in. The onus is on the client to ensure Deborah Caknis receive the full nett amount. The client is responsible for paying the cost of the bank charges for all payments made to Deborah Caknis.

Travel Documentation: You are fully responsible to ensure that all necessary travel documentation required by you to enable you to participate in the Dolphin Retreat is fully valid, up to date and correct. Without limiting the general meaning of the phrase travel documentation, this may include, depending on your individual circumstances, your South African passport, passport of any other country, visa for entry into Mozambique, visas (whether visitors, residents, working or otherwise) for entry into South Africa, entry and/or exit permits for South Africa and, in the case of children under 18, an unabridged birth certificate (this is a requirement of South Africa Home Affairs). Deborah Caknis, despite receiving a copy of your passport cannot be held responsible for your travel documents being current and suitable for travel.

Accommodation: Guests are accommodated at O Lar Do Ouro Guest Lodge in shared accommodation, unless a single supplement is requested. Cost thereof to be paid by the client. The cost of this is in addition to the cost of the Dolphin Retreat. Deborah Caknis cannot be held responsible for the upkeep of the lodge and/or catering and can therefore not in any way or for whatsoever reason be held responsible or liable for any issues resulting therefrom.

Catering: Please advise, in advance, of any special meal requirements or allergies. To be completed on your Questionnaire Form.

Refunds: If, for any reason whatsoever, you miss launches, meals, transfers, etc., you will not be entitled to any refund amount.

Launches Cancelled due to Weather: Deborah Caknis will try to accommodate guests on another day or time whilst on the Dolphin Retreat but this will depend on sea conditions, the weather and the crew’s availability. Deborah Caknis is not responsible for the weather and dolphins behaviour, both of which are factors that influence your experience. Deborah Caknis has the right to cancel and re-schedule launches due to weather. Tours do not take place in poor sea conditions e.g. rough seas, blue bottles, etc. This is to ensure your own safety and comfort.

Launching: Encounters are governed by the DolphinCareAfrica code of conduct which includes no touching, no diving down, no flash photography, no swimming with new-borns and no chasing or feeding of dolphins. Failure to adhere to the code will result in no-water entry. Inebriated persons are not permitted to participate.

Media: All photograph’s and material taken and supplied by Dolphin EnCountours is copyrighted and consent needs to be obtained from Dolphin EnCountours in order to use them as promotional material. No pictures of humans touching dolphins can be used in publicity associated with Deborah Caknis. Participants are requested to hand over images for use by Dolphin EnCountours should they request this.

Border Transfers and Car Park: Deborah Caknis offers the service of pre-booking your border transfers with one of the local companies. Deborah Caknis cannot in any way nor for whatsoever reason be held responsible nor liable for any issues arising out of bookings with third parties. An extra fee of R250 per person is charged for second collections that have to be made. Border times: 08h00 to 17h00 sharp. Should you be travelling to the Kosi Bay border with your own transport, please park your vehicle on the South African side car park, clear immigration and wait at the immigration office on the Mozambican side. If travelling with a suitable vehicle and bringing your vehicle into Mozambique, please ensure that you have organised all the relevant travel documents to cross the border in your own vehicle.

Extra Encounters: Full payment on booking to be made to Dolphin EnCountours. Gear hire: You are fully responsible for payment to the relevant suppliers before date of departure from Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique. Deborah Caknis cannot in any way nor for whatsoever reason be held liable for any damages howsoever arising as a result of activities participated in by you through bookings with third parties nor for any activity of whatsoever nature participated in by you included or not in the Dolphin Retreat. This includes, but is not limited to, quad biking, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Disclaimer and Indemnity: In consideration for participating in the Dolphin Retreat, you indemnify and hold harmless Deborah Caknis in respect of any and all loss, liability, damages, claim, charge, expense, cost or delay, including but not limited to your inability to leave South Africa or enter Mozambique or re-enter South Africa or you having to change a flight if for any reason you do not arrive in time, and accordingly miss, your return flight out of Mozambique. In addition to and in conjunction with the above indemnity concerning entry into and leaving Mozambique and leaving/re-entering South Africa, in consideration for Deborah Caknis arranging, facilitating, managing and providing input into the Dolphin Retreat, I hereby hold Deborah Caknis harmless from and indemnified against any loss, liability, damages, claim, charge, expense or cost of whatsoever nature which may be incurred or sustained by me, as a result of, or arising out of or in connection with my agreeing to go on the Retreat as well as arising out of or in connection with any and all activities participated in by me which are included or not in the Dolphin Retreat including, but not limited to, quad biking, scuba diving and snorkelling.

**** All retreats are run according to demand and the dates may be subject to change. Limited space, so book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
Terms & Conditions apply to this retreat, so please read and familiarise yourself with them before booking.


Retreat Dates


Confirm your Booking

A non-refundable deposit is to be paid by the stated date with the balance paid at least 45 days prior to the Retreat

Once your deposit has been received, we will be able to confirm your accommodation and dolphin swims.

The full amount paid remains non-refundable once paid, unless the Retreat is cancelled by Deborah Caknis. You will then be entitled to a refund of all money paid.

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