Holistic Health

The following treatments and services can assist you with living a balanced & healthy life. If you feel a calling to develop your innate healing abilities and help facilitate healing in others, please read more about the courses on offer below. Click the links for more information, and contact Debbie if you have any questions.


Quantum Sensory Healing •
Intuitive Healing •
Usui Reiki •
Crystal Surgery •

Introduction to...

If you are new to all of this and are not sure what course to choose, then join us on our weekly workshops where we introduce different aspects in an easy environment.

Intuitive Healing

Treatment of energy blockage and illness held in the body.

Quantum Sensory

A hands-on healing technique using light touch, Colour Therapy and sound. It effectively reduces pain, aids the healing process and realigns body posture.

Crystal Surgery

Experience the magical healing properties that gemstones have to offer along with the many and varied effects of Crystal Surgery starting from balancing Chakras, removing negativity, prepping for surgery, to reprogramming negative childhood imprints … to name but a few.

Usui Reiki

A form of hands-on therapy that is non-invasive, gentle and applied to a fully-clothed body. Usui Reiki helps to eliminate toxins, restore energy balance by reducing stress and restoring healthy sleep patterns and mental activity.


Experience either analytical or suggestive hypnotherapy sessions. Helps clients to overcome fears, phobias, addictions and to assist with pain control. Plus so much more.


Usui Reiki •
Crystal Surgery and Healing •
Soul Retrieval •
I Ching Readings (remote) •
Aura Cleansing •
Space Clearing •
Kinesiology •
Hypnotherapy •
Spiritual Mentoring •
Quantum Sensory Healing •
Intuitive Healing •
Past Life Regression •
Personal Wellness •
Meditation •
Kundalini Yoga •

Spiritual Mentoring

Helps clients to connect with their own inner spiritual being by removing damaging thought processes and behavioural patterns that no longer serve their life process.


Individual or group sessions are offered. Meditation is a wonderful tool that assists spiritual growth, reduces stress and restores health.

Kundalini Yoga

Online individual or group sessions. Specific exercises and/or meditations to assist healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


A muscle-testing technique which indicates areas of reduced energy flow and helps identify the appropriate treatments required.

Past Life Regression

Find the answers to challenges being experienced in your life through releasing stuck patterns and habits.

Aura Cleansing

Cleansing the aura of old stuck energy and negative energy transferred by negative people and places.

Space Clearing

Ensuring that your home and office is free of negative energy that could be the cause of relationship problems, illness, lack of productivity and low energy levels.

Personal Wellness

A personalised healing program to focus on getting you and your life on THE PATH of self-awareness and growth on all levels.

Animal Healing

Be able to understand your animal’s needs and treat their illnesses using natural healing methods.


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