If you feel a calling to develop your innate healing abilities,  and/or want to live a balanced & healthy life,  and/or want to help facilitate healing in others, please read more about a specific course that interests you. Please read more about the health and safety protocols for my therapy consults and my courses and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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Introduction to...

2 hour online workshops 

If you are new to all of this and are not sure what course to choose, then join us on our weekly workshops where we introduce different aspects in an easy environment.

Gift of Health

Undoubtedly health is our greatest gift, one we can benefit from by getting in touch with our energetic selves. We all have an instinctive ability to heal ourselves and in this workshop, we help you regain your awareness of this.

1 day workshop

  • Gift of Health Workshop

Crystal Surgery

Learn about the magical healing properties that gemstones have to offer along with the many and varied effects of Crystal Surgery starting from balancing Chakras, removing negativity, prepping for surgery, to reprogramming negative childhood imprints … to name but a few.

1 day courses

  • Crystal Exploration (1 day course)
  • Crystal Healing Techniques (1 day course)
  • Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques (1 day course)

Quantum Sensory

Learn a hands-on healing technique using light touch, colour therapy and sound. It effectively reduces pain, aids the healing process and realigns body posture.

2 day course

  • Quantum Sensory Healing Course

Usui Reiki

Learn a form of hands-on therapy that is non-invasive, gentle and applied to a fully-clothed body. Usui Reiki helps to eliminate toxins, restore energy balance by reducing stress and restoring healthy sleep patterns and mental activity.

2 day courses

  • Reiki Level 1  (2 day course)
  • Reiki Level 2  (2 day course)
  • Reiki Level 3  (2 day course)
  • Reiki Masters (Shadowing Reiki Level 1- 3 courses plus 10 case studies)

Psychic Development

Recognize your own psychic abilities and develop them in a safe and effective manner. Discover the different psychic abilities and how each one can be developed specifically. 

6 evenings course 

  • Psychic Development Exploration (1 evening weekly for 6 weeks)
  • Psychic Development Beyond the Basics (1 evening weekly for 6 weeks)

Animal Healing & Communication

Be able to understand your animal’s needs and treat their illnesses using natural healing methods. Learn to communicate with your furry companion to improve your relationship with them further.

1 day course

  • Animal Communication Exploration

6 weeks courses

  • Online Animal Communication Foundation Course (6 weeks)
  • Online Animal Communication Intermediate Course (6 weeks)

1 year course

  • 1-year Animal Communication and Healing Course Certificate
    *** Internationally Accredited