Corporate Wellness

Wellness Programme

This Training and Development Programme is designed to enhance personal and professional development for all tiers of staff, including management.

It is well-accepted that individuals with the knowledge, skills and tools to realise their highest potential have significantly positive effects on their wellbeing and happiness, and further, that happy and motivated staff contribute to a company’s culture, productivity and ultimate success.

Corporate Wellness is an integrated, holistic approach to empowering the individual across physical, emotional and mental levels. This powerful yet simple and affordable package is suited to groups of between 3 and 10.

Business owners and managers can look forward to working with motivated staff that are committed to achieving results and positive outcomes.

Active Participation

  • Management input into specific issues
  • Comprehensive notes are provided
  • Participants are required to complete homework assignments
  • There is plenty of time to mentor specific staff members and to workshop specific management concerns

Programme Overview

Module 1
Understanding the physical and non-physical body from an allopathic and esoteric perspective. Looking at beliefs and attitudes in life.

Module 2
Understanding one’s self, one’s life patterns and looking at how to bring about change where needed.

Module 3
Understanding why we think the things we do and how to change unhealthy thought patterns.

Module 4
Understanding personality types, effective communication styles and how to get the best out of one’s self and others.

Module 5
Understanding why we struggle with people/situations and how to deal with these challenges positively. This final session also deals with Q&A, as well as addressing the question, “Where to from here?”

Session per Week

Hours per Session


Contact me for a Custom Programme

It is also possible for Debbie to work with you to develop a custom programme specifically to tailor to your company’s needs.  The custom programme can also include spiritual mentoring, personal development, communication and so forth, the world is your oyster.