About Debbie

Debbie Caknis

is a holistic healer, teacher, animal communicator and spiritual coach, with a focus on practices that activate the natural healing processes of the body.

During her 27-year career as a nurse and midwife, Debbie became interested in alternative healing and how it may complement allopathic medicine.

Today, she is a Reiki Master, holds a diploma in Metaphysics and is qualified in Quantum Touch®, Biochemical Medicine, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Animal Communication and Corporate Mentoring.


Holistic Healer

Debbie uses her intuition, training and experience to look not only at the physical symptoms of dis-ease, but also at emotional and spiritual causes of illness.

She then applies the most appropriate healing techniques to open pathways for her clients to return to holistic good health and well-being.

Animal Communicator

She offers animal communication services to help humans better understand (and care for) their pets, and does both hands-on and distance healing on animals suffering from an array of ailments.



To help spread healing knowledge and methods, Debbie offer various courses, including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Quantum Sensory Healing, and Animal Communication and Healing courses.

She teaches at institutes of intuition and metaphysics and facilitates kundalini yoga and meditation classes.

Spiritual Coach

Debbie counsels and coaches individual and corporate clients to clear blockages and bring spiritual and emotional wellness into their lives, relationships and work.

“I am honoured to be able to do the work I do, and passionate about passing on my knowledge and facilitating self-healing, deeper connections, better communication and spiritual development.

I am happy to say that over the years I have been able to assist many to return back to good health and well-being, and experience true bliss in their lives.”


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