Crystal Surgery is a unique healing method where the healer works directly on the energy field and in the energy body. Changes take place in these 2 systems which then indirectly create change in the physical body. Changes are often instantly noticeable.
In these courses you will learn to “operate” on the energy field and energy body using crystal tools. In this unique energy healing training, you will learn the following: 
  1. Communicating with crystals and selecting crystal surgery tools.
  2. Anatomy of the energy field and the energy body.
  3. Operating on the energy body and energy field.
  4. Techniques such as: scanning, scraping, cleaning, clearing, combing, operating, stitching and energizing.
  5. Systematic procedures such as: liver flush, releasing the heart, cooling inflammation, adjusting joints, releasing shock, tissue regeneration, healing past-life wounds and rejuvenation.
  6. Making of crystal potions.
  7. Advanced techniques working with unconditional love and acceptance and transformation of painful lessons.
  8. Development of intuitive sensitivity.
I teach together with Belinda Davidson under the banner of the "FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences" in Cincinnati (
Class fee of R2800 each for Modules 1 & 2 and R2950 for Module 3 includes comprehensive manuals giving step-by-step instructions for each procedure as well as information about the crystals and their key properties.  Also included is a day of evaluation and an introduction to new techniques with Vivien Schapera, Course Director in the USA, the developer of this method, founder and chair of the Academy.  This day of evaluation and learning ensures competence thereby maintaining the excellent standard of education provided at the Academy.


Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from FourWinds Academy after completing Module 3 and will be authorized by the instructors to integrate these energy healing techniques into their healing practice.  Please note that each country has its own licensing laws and professional regulations.  Participants carry sole responsibility for adhering to these laws.
What is Crystal Surgery?
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