Client Testimonials (archive)


21 & 22 November 2015   (Animal Communication - Module 3)
Hi Debbie.  Thanks for the wonderful Animal healing course this weekend.  Can’t wait to digest all the information over time.  (Michelle)
Debbie, the weekend was amazing - I learnt so much.  (Anita)
I agree, it was such a special weekend thank you everyone!  Debbie, your course was amazing thank you - so much learnt and it's still sinking in.  (Monique)
I also thoroughly enjoyed our weekend together.  (Dana)
Wow, thanks for the weekend!  Thanks for every moment, every animal, every story, tear and laughter, piece of wisdom, information and advice.  (Stiaan)

03 October 2015
Kimba 10 years old today.
A lot thanks to you Debbie.






25 September 2015
I think what you do is really absolutely incredible, really I do have an amazing gift and you have honestly touched my life in such a wonderful way....I don't know how to explain it, but this has been a really amazing experience for me and it was more than just a course, it has been life-changing.  I have definitely had a shift in "something", but it is just different.
Thank you so much for everything....I honestly don't know how to express my gratitude for your kindness, caring and patience, but I am deeply grateful.

23 May 2015
Dear Debbie
Thank you for sharing this - absolutely awe and  envy inspiring!  You are a most extra ordinary human being.  Thank you for your huge generosity of spirit, sharing your deep rich gifts and talents with others.
With love,

30 March 2015

Hi Debbie,
I just want to say THANK YOU again for imparting your knowledge to us both on Saturday, that too with the greatest of care and patience as always.
Look after yourself, until we meet again.

09 March 2015
Hi Debbie
I so thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki 2 course with you and all of us. Thank you so much.
Thank you Debbie - for being the amazing healer, teacher and human being that you are.
With love and healing,

02 February 2015
Hi Debbie,
You are an incredible teacher, thank you.
Have a blessed day.
Love and hugs

15 January 2015
Hi Debbie
Thank you once again for such a special course.  I loved it!  I feel as the energy was high on the course, it did help in the communication.  I feel that my relationship with my two furkids has gone into a different magical connection.  Very special.
Lots of love and much gratitude.

12 January 2015
Dear Debbie
HUGE thank you for facilitating a most wonderful weekend course on Animal Communication.
The space you created was just perfect, and the bringing together of like minded people was just inspirational and uplifting.  The amount of people just allowed for personalised interaction, and created a safe space in which to share, reflect and learn.
I am truly inspired by the knowledge you shared with us, and really just in being able to experience the true essence and magic that animals have to offer us.
Kind regards

24 November 2014
Hi Debbie,
My experience during the online course for Animal Communication Module 1 and 2 with you has been profoundly enriching.  I found the course material extensive, helpful and mostly self -explanatory. Where something needed explanation or where I needed help, you were always quick to elaborate or point me in the right direction for my own research.   The course material covered many different aspects of animal communication which helped see this practice from different angles.   You have been most kind and encouraging in the way you guided me and let me work at my own pace, neither rushing nor hindering me.   I really do not have any comments to make with regards to anything lacking.
Thank you again for this wonderful experience.   Looking forward to seeing you.
With love and light,

Dear Debbie
Thank you so much for all your love and kindness over the year!  It has really been appreciated!  You are the most gifted and knowledgeable healer I have ever been blessed to work with.
Lots of love

Dearest Debs
Thank you so much for being my voice when I felt very ill.  Thank you for all my healing ... body, spirit and emotionally.  Thank you for being there for my mommy when her heart was so sore over me.
Thank you!!  Thank you!!
All my love

13 July 2014
Thanks so much Debbie, your energy, wisdom & knowledge is amazing.  I really enjoyed the course and thank you for sharing your love of Reiki with me.  I look forward to the additional courses and I am really excited about this new chapter in my life.
Much love, Candace

10 July 2014
Everyone close to me is surprised at the changes, and all thanks to you! Cannot thank you enough for your healing and guidance. Love Helga

09 April 2014
PS: you perform such a vital service, giving hope to humans and clarity to animals.  The karma that humans incur is theirs alone.  You do amazing work.  Sometimes life's lessons are tough.  It's ok.  Right?  We move on....
THANK YOU for being there for everyone

20 February 2014
Hallo Debbie 
Once again, many, many thanks for a truly memorable experience – I cannot remember when last  I relaxed and slept so well. 
Thanks for all your imput and hard work – well done! 
Long may this dull state of mind last!
Warm regards

You are a great blessing in our lives and I will give thanks for your presence in our lives for always.  From the great abyss of grief I’ve grasped your hand and you've guided me.

You are an earth angel.  Supporting so many and really doing amazing things for the human animal relationship.  This world is richer and made more meaningful by your presence.
Thank you for you :-)
With love peace and joy

Angel Debbie
Thank you so much for sharing your Golden Light with us and for all your concern, compassion and love (and for the excellent hair-do for Silver!).
Lots of Love
Michéle, Kath and Cat children xxx


For Debbie my Reiki Master
The best teacher that I could ask for.
You helped me to bring my purpose to the surface
And bestowed on me a great gift
From which I know I shall never drift.


I thank you with my heart and soul
For supporting me to reach my goal
Of aiding those who are in need
Which gives me the greatest joy indeed.


My life shall never be the same
And Reiki Healing is to blame!

Love and Light

Dear Dear Debbie
My heart is so full and you will always have such a special place in it.  I treasure our time together and love working with you.  I think the angels must have sent you and I am deeply grateful for the role you have played in my return to perfect health.
Loads of love and blessings

Dearest Debs
I only wish to aspire to the things you have achieved.  Telling you that you are “appreciated” does not do your “service” justice.  God bless you for always being here to cheer and to guide.  Have an enlightening trip and come home safe.
All our love, Bev, Mark and Gals xxx
Dearest Kind, Compassionate, Gentle, Joyous, Peaceful, Firm, Intuitive, Fun-Loving, Genuine, Unflappable and Gorgeous Debbie.  The light in me loves the light in you.
Much love, Cindy
Darling Debbie
Thank you sooo much for doing the reading on my sweet  Jedda.  It truly meant the world to me.  Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and I admire you sooo for all your incredible work.
All my love always, Wendy xx
Dearest Debbie
I am truly blessed to have met you and receive your guidance.  Thank you so much
Love Linda
Dear Debbie
I am so grateful that I was able to spend 5 glorious days with you in Mozambique!  You made our time there so very special with all the little thoughts and kindnesses in addition to the group get-togethers, treatments … I loved it all and came home refreshed, calm and ready to face my family!
Lots of love, Karen xxxx
Dear Debbie
Thank you so much for rushing to us after your course and for talking to Tiffy that afternoon during your course.  Your absolute love and commitment to animals is incredible and you are a true angel.  Thank you for being there.
Love, Nadine xxx
Dearest Debbie
Thank you so much for hosting this course for us and enlightening us further.  I am so blessed to have connected with you.
Love and Angel Blessings, Linda

15 August 2013
Dearest Debbie,
Thank You so much for your visit yesterday … It really warms my heart to have your feedback and input and love and support.  My heart feels so happy and I feel such gratitude for you in my life and the richness your love and expertise brings to our lives.
Thanks a million and lots of love and have a wonderful day!
Big Hugs & Woofs,

June 2013
It was good to see you again – also looking very pretty and impressive!  I thoroughly enjoyed your “talk” – once again, I watched you spread your net, grab everyone’s attention, then share your very special beliefs and talents with them.  Eventually, I believe every person in that room wanted to become YOU!  I love it when you do that!  You fill such a very large void in most people’s lives – and you tell them how they can do the same for others.
Oh – I am so pleased I know you!  Stay well, stay safe, stay warm.

13 June 2013
Hi Debbie
Thanks for helping Trango today.  I might not believe in some of what you do, but the care you show is clear.  Thank You.
Kind Regards

Dear Debbie,
As I fell asleep last night , my mind filled with the sea and I felt myself bobbing to sleep.  I awoke this morning to.... "May the longtime sun....."
Debbie, were you putting a spell on us for the peace and harmony to continue?  How do words convey the deep gratitude to you for giving me this wondrous experience?  I, who have never tried drugs, feel as if I have been "tripping" in the best possible way.
Debbie, thank you for your loving non-judgmental patience.
May blessings rain on you!

My dearest Debbie
Thank you so much for the reading you did on Shelby.  It was amazing and I have told many folks about it!  They have also noticed the marked difference in her.  She is a complex little girl and continues to give me so much love and joy.
May you be blessed and nourished in your healing work, Debbie.  You are indeed a special Soul.
With our love and light to you.  AUM SAI RAM
Louise and Shelby

Dear Debs
All I can say is thank you for everything.  You are very close to my heart.
Love, Dom


Dear Debbie
Thank you!  This has been a wonderful experience.  As time with you always is!
Love and light, Glenda


Dear Debbie
I feel very happy and grateful that we could come with you to this magical place to connect with the magic in and around us.  Thank you.
Love and light, Loes


Dear Debbie
I tasted, I touched, I experienced, I connected and the best of it all is, it's a journey that will never stop.  Thank you for inviting me and introducing me to a new dimension and enlightenment that is life changing!  All is well.


Dear Debbie
A very big thank you for this experience.  It is truly an honour to share this with you and the group.  I know this is one of those turning points in my life.
With love, Annie


Dearest Debbie
Because of you the world is a better place.
Love, light and blessings


Dear Debbie
Thanks for the weekend and the care.  Hope to take a next step and the time soon.


Words cannot describe it ... .  You are a wonderful, lovely lady!  What a privilege to meet you and learn from you.
God bless!!  Thank you for everything.

Dear Debbie
Words can never express the gratitude we feel.  Thank you from all my heart.  You are an Angel on planet earth!!
All our love.
Michele, Kathy and a big meow from Mirrie

08 March 2013
Thank you Debbie.
I can't tell you what a profound difference our sessions make to my life.  I feel like I've been returned to myself with a fresh perspective.  You really are an extraordinary human being!
Thank you so much.
Love B

24 January 2013
You are like an angel! 
We are so appreciative of everything you're doing for our darling Rocs!
Love Karen

15 January 2013
Dear Debbie
Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance and guidance with Hamish.  This has certainly helped me with his many health problems and in deciding whether to euthanaise, or not, thereby prolonging his life.
Fond regards

09 January 2013
“Going to Reiki with you is a wonderfully rejuvenating experience. I love our chats before the treatment and your insightful observations challenge me to see things in my life from a different angle. A practical angle. Thank you Debbie – you keep it real!”

07 January 2013
Hi Debbie
Always great seeing you!
What began as merely a desire for energy healing and Reiki has evolved into something so much more - thank you, Debbie, for my monthly dose of common sense, life coaching, career advice, helpful insight and spiritual guidance. It has helped me not only become a better person, but a far more successful one - thank you!