Animal Communication and Healing

PLEASE NOTE ... Debbie DOES NOT track lost animals for anyone or under any circumstances.  Please DO NOT contact her in this regard.


See below for a list of "Animal Trackers and Communicators", "Animal Healers and Communicators" and "Pet and House Sitters".


Being able to communicate with animals is beneficial for the animals and the humans, especially when:

  • the animals have been or are about to be relocated to a new home or country
  • ill animals
  • behaviour problems
  • to find out if they want to be euthanized due to terminal illness or injury
  • the integration of animals and humans
  • communication with passed over animals (this assists humans to cope with grief and guilt)

At ZeroPointHealing, I treat a variety of animal conditions such as skin ailments, allergies, diabetes, cancer and arthritis. I use healing methods such as Reiki, Quantum Touch®, Body Talk Access, herbal and homeopathic treatments, dietary supplements, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, energy balancing and Light Therapy. I look at the animal in a holistic way, in other words, the mind-body connection.  I advise the Guardians of these animals on home treatments which they can carry out on their own and I am available for support after the reading has been done.  These treatments can be done at the animal’s home (if distance allows) or even via distance healing.


For distance healing, please send a photo of the animal. Readings and healings are done from the image supplied. I focus mainly on healing and communicating with dogs, cats and horses but am able to work with any animal.


I have trained as an Animal Communicator with both local and international renowned Animal Communicators, including the well known Amelia Kinkade.

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Animal Trackers and Communicators

I no longer do Animal Tracking as I focus on healing, communication and speaking to passed-over animals.  Below, please find a list of Animal Communication Trackers that may be able to assist you.

Belinda Davidson 072 142 2748
Karen Koen 082 539 2614 yes  
Joan Ingham-Brown

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076 130 2760   yes
Antjie 084 581 6233
Shonelle Deolall 083 653 9320 yes yes
Jemma Howell 072 178 2433 yes  
Jill Tait 076 987 8677
Troye Pentz 082 581 3505 yes yes


Animal Healers and Communicators

Tracy Mann
Tel:   061 846 1649

Pet and House Sitters

Jocelyn Early (Hout Bay/Constantia/Camps Bay) 082 572 0718
Guy Hamburger 061 117 2927
Margaret 082 260 2384  
Cheryl George 072 123 2668
Iona McLeod 083 694 8131
Mike & Esmarie van Niekerk
+27 84 369 7774